Letters and Manuscripts of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar

Letter dated 3.8.1942 to Mr. Meshram

Letter dated 13.10.1942 to Mr.Kosare

Letter dated 21.10.1942 to Mr.Kosare

Letter dated 12.4.1943 to Mr. Kosare

Letter dated 9.4.1944 to Mr. Kosare

Letter to Mr. Samarth

Letter to Mr. Jadhav

The Manuscript of Philosophy of Hinduism
    Pages 1 to 10
    Pages 10 to 20
    Pages 21 to 30
    Pages 31 to 40
    Pages 41 to 53

Specimen Handwriting from the Riddle No.22 entitled "Brahma in not Dharma"